About us

                 Les Petits Pois French Club was created 5 years ago by Anne Le Romancer, owner and founder of the clubs.  At the heart of the clubs is the hope to create a life-long love of the French language and its culture.  Prior to qualifying as a primary teacher, Anne had been teaching French for 10 years to adults and  teenagers ....all complaining about the French grammar and the lack of fun, etc....  She decided to make it fun again so the younger generation would have a different experience when it came to foreign languages!  Our approach to learning is based on the principle that if we are having fun then we are eager to learn and discover even more!  

At an age where they still believe in fairies and magic, everything is possible!  Their eagerness to please, their positive attitude to anything thrown at them is my main reward.  The smiles, the songs they know by heart at the end, the stories they react to...well that's why we do what we do!

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