Young children have a natural ability to learn languages as they see it as "just a new thing to discover" on their long list of new things to try and it is with that very same eagerness and appetite that the children learn French at les Petits Pois French Club.  


Long are gone the days of sitting down in front of a desk learning obscure words!  Les Petits Pois has taken a different approach to learning languages. We are an active, hands-on group who believe in fun, drama and messy arts and crafts!! And all that while learning French...and the children will absorb all those words weeks after weeks and one day, out of nowhere, they will surprise you by saying some French words as though they had been speaking French all their life!  Really mum what is all the fuss about lol


Here is a typical feedback from one of our mum's so you don't need to just believe our words that it does work!:


" just wanted to let you know that my daughter is now learning French in High School and has done very well even in the short time she has been there and is receiving merit points in each lesson. She has said that the French classes she had with you have really helped her as she is familiar with a lot of vocabulary and has the confidence to pronounce the words.I want to thank you for starting French classes at her primary school and giving the children an interest in France and the language. She is proof that being introduced to a language at primary school level can reap rewards at high school."

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